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Whinny's News and Views - Winter Adventure

Bird House Hi Kids -- Just wanted to let you in on one of my adventures. One night I woke up to hear something softly thumping and bumping on the roof of my barn. It seemed extra cold but I had my winter coat and my blue pony blanket and soon fell asleep. When I woke up in the morning it seemed very bright. One look told me that something very exciting had happened. Back Pasture

I bet you can guess what it was when you look at these pictures of my pasture and my birdhouse. You're right! It had snowed.

Gudrun Walking to Barn

Kate and I could hear Gudrun's boots squishing and squeaking on the snow as she walked to the barn. We knew that she would make a wonderful breakfast when she got here so we were very excited.

Whinny Peeking out of the stall

I tried to look over the stall door to greet her but, being a pony, I'm very short you must remember so I couldn't see much.

Gudrun in barn preparing food

Finally, Gudrun arrived and began making our breakfast. Oh!! I just couldn't believe how slow she was..."Can't you make my food a little faster?...What's the holdup?!!"

I could hear her measuring out the yummy hay and my special food with sugar beet pulp. I am not only short, I'm also pretty old for a pony, so I need special food in the winter to keep warm.

Gudrun filling water bucket from tap

Wait!! Did you hear that? Is that the sound of a carrot or two dropping in the bucket? Noooo...its only the clunking and bunking of my water bucket against the side of the barn.

Gudrun bringing Whinny out of Barn

Finally breakfast is ready and Gudrun is opening the door to my stall.

Whinny seeing Kate
Hi Kate..are you b-r-r-r-y like me?
Gudrun pushing food cart; Whinny walking alongside

And off to the pasture for breakfast!!

More Gudrun pushing food cart; Whinny walking alongside
Whinny Eating Snow

I wonder what snow tastes like??

Closeup of Whinny

Oh my, it tickles my whiskers!!

Whinny and Gudrun in Snow

Hold on...What's this ... I have to pose for pictures?

Whinny's Head on Gudrun

O.K., Gudrun, enough is enough. No more pictures.! I want my breakfast..!! No more dilly dallying... no more waiting.

Mmmmmm, carrots!



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