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"If we could see with our hearts, we would see them, these little ponies who wait because long before we learn to call them, we ride together in their dreams."

from Sleep Pony Dreams by Gudrun Ongman

Welcome!! I'm author Gudrun Ongman and so far, I've written and illustrated 2 children's books:

Not only that, I started the publishing company MindCastle Books, Inc. - I'm a one-woman-band! Owning the publishing company lets me follow my heart in production of books I can be proud of.

I want to

  1. Tell why I wrote the books & give book background (Author Bio/Q&A)
    • how the sleep ponies can be every child's friend
    • how the ponies' peace, beauty & kindness enters children's mindcastle to nurture them always
  2. Offer signed and dedicated books & posters
    • buy book(s) and/or poster(s) on this website
    • go to the Contact/Dedicate page, select a dedication & email it to me
    • I'll write the dedication, sign my name & send you your purchase(s)
Plus there are sleep ponies related products. And for the kids, Whinny's News.